The Cube Café

What is a great weekend without meeting up with friends over brunch or drinks? As you may know, I just recently moved to Abuja and lately I’ve been trying to explore more spots in Abuja. I’d be taking you along on my journey to various spots in the FCT. Let’s experience these places and make memories together.

Last weekend I met up with fashion and lifestyle blogger, Sarah Audu, at the Cube Café for brunch. Prior to the meet, I reached out to her and we decided to do a restaurant review. Although there were a couple hiccups here and there we finally found a spot. This was my first time being at The Cube Café and here are my thoughts.

Setting & Location

The Cube Café is located at 16 Usuma Close Maitama, Abuja. It is situated within Maitama Neighbourhood Park. The parking lot is quite a distance away from the café. Cars are parked outside the premises of the café and people have to take a walk in because there’s little or no parking space available inside the premises. Sarah and I were a bit worried about this considering the security risks.

Alongside the indoor café, there’s a garden and a sitting area where people can relax and enjoy nature’s greenery. This is a nice setting for parents who are trying to watch over their kids while they play in the park. The outdoor atmosphere gives a very calm and cosy vibe which is great if you’re looking to just relax and probably dwell a bit in your thoughts.

Ambiance & Design

I spoke to one of the staff to have an overview of the kind of design and atmosphere they were going for. According to her, they were going for an artistic, calming atmosphere where you can work, network, hangout with friends, play and so on. I could understand that after I was told that the owners are all artists in their various spheres. Honestly, I think that they pulled this off quite well. When I walked into the café the first thing I took note of was the artistic design they had going on. It is really aesthetically pleasing. I also perceived a soothing and calming atmosphere. 

There was cool music playing in the background as groups of people talked, and others worked while enjoying their meals. I loved the selection of songs for the playlist. There were books on the shelves for those interested in feeding their eyes. There were equally colouring books for the kids. They made good use of the space with relevant artsy pieces used as furniture, paintings and framed photographed pictures on the walls. The decorations created an appealing ambiance. As someone with a flair for the arts I could literally live here.


The menu was framed and placed right in front of the counter because paper menu’s always got old, torn and looked a bit tacky. Although there was a bit of creativity in that, I won’t want to have to leave my sit if I’m thinking of picking something else from the menu along with my main course.

I had the full English breakfast, blend of the day smoothie and a bottle of water, Sarah had the Pan Au Chocolate (which she took to go) with an iced latte, while Victor (Sarah’s brother & photographer of the day) had burger and chips with blend of the day pressed fruits. I don’t consider them very pricey because the cost of food depends on the portions/quantity. Everything on my plate tasted good with just the right spices and texture. The average cost of a meal is about 35oo NGN. My food cost about 5,100 NGN, Sarah’s food cost about 2,000 NGN while Victor’s food cost 5,000 NGN. Price range varies based on whatever you decide to have.

The presentation of the dishes were clean and beautiful. I was quite excited to try out the blend of the day smoothie because it looked very nice and I couldn’t wait to know what it tasted like. Sarah loved her latte, victor on the other hand thought his blend of pressed fruits was quite thick but that was only because mango was included. I had a mix of Bananas, strawberry, milk and something else I couldn’t place my finger on but they all came together real nice.

Staff Service

On arrival, we met a young pleasant lady named Karen who took our order with all smiles. We asked if we could take pictures around the café and she agreed without any resistance. Although there was a mix-up in our order she was polite enough to apologize and correct it immediately. She made us feel at home and comfortable saying we were part of the Cube family. They see every customer and potential customer as family and treat them as such. Karen could also hold a conversation as she spoke to us severally while we were shooting. She also gave me an overview of the place.

Overall, if you’re looking for a workspace, somewhere to meet new people and network or just looking to relax, I think this is a great spot. It is very blogger friendly, aesthetically pleasing and great for family hangouts.

Ever been to the Cube Café? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. If you haven’t, please check it out and let me know what you think. What do you think about my review? Should I review more spots? Your feedback is important to me so let me know what you think. xoxo.

Alexis Ebri.


21 thoughts on “The Cube Café”

  1. Your description of this place adds some colour to this already colourful and beautiful spot. I sincerely have never heard of the place before but reading this and seeing that beautiful lady attending to you…I just want to walk, jump, crawl or fly there to have a good time.
    Beautiful piece!

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  2. Great writing Alexis. You make it feel like we’re on a journey together. Your detailing was very unbiased as well.
    You should review more spots so I can finally decide which places to visit. Like you, I’m new in Abuja and need places to go.

    Liked by 1 person

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