The three-way weekender

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Hello March!

Happy new month guys! So I had a girls night out type thing last night, whoop! It’s been a long time coming. While I was trying to sort out “nightlife” outfits, I found this dress which I planned to throw out cause I just felt it was time. I only wore it once after altering the original design. I decided to pair it with a white Tee & white chunky sneakers and viola! I figured three different ways to style this piece.

Look 1

I’m no fashion guru but I have a very strong affection for clothing especially when it can be styled in so many ways as seen here and here. That basically sums up my style. I won’t buy a piece of clothing if I can’t style it into different outfits or wear it however I want to depending on my mood.

Look 2

I had the inspiration for these outfits because I was already in my weekend vibe and I saw each look as a great weekender. They all give out chill/laid-back vibes which was what I was going for.

Look 3

Meanwhile, I want to say thank you to those that noticed I hadn’t put up a post yesterday per usual and hit me up this morning and last night. You are now my living conscience. In my defense, I was actually busy getting baked while cooking up this post just for you!

On that note, I hope you truly like this post and actually share to your congregation, please dear. Which look is your favorite weekender? For me it’s definitely look 1.

Ultimate guidelines to taking a great selfie

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Hey guys!

It’s been a minute (about what? 2 weeks?) How was your valentine’s day though? Hope you spent it showing love to your loved ones and your enemies. As my mom would say, kill them with kindness. That’s the best way tbh. Meanwhile, I collaborated with one of your favorite bloggers, Ifeanyi Okafor, for Valentine’s day and it’s still up on Bella Naija Style for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

Okay! You know I’m always coming to you with the tips you need, call me your “how-to” girl *in Issa Rae’s voice*. I recently ran a poll on my Instagram and I realized that most people feel they can’t take a good selfie and think they look like frogs. On that note, I’d be sharing with you tested tips on how to take a great selfie. Let’s get to it.

Tip 1: Clean up your camera lens

Most of the time people neglect this step. We carry our phones around everyday and we’re not always conscious of surfaces we drop our phones on. This attracts dust on our phones which implies dust on the camera lenses as well. So before taking a selfie or any picture at all, make sure you wipe your camera lens with a clean cloth so your pictures can be great.

Tip 2: Get proper lighting 

Make sure to find a space with good lighting. Most of the time I go to the window or open the door that leads to the balcony just to find perfect lighting. Why? Because lighting is key to taking a bomb picture, selfie or not. Natural light is always a good option. Also, taking selfies during sunset is great because of that golden effect it has on the picture. Always opt for natural light when taking selfies but if you’re trying to take one in a dark room, I would recommend you use a ring light.

Tip 3: Know your angles

Always know your angles. This can only happen when you keep taking selfies, you begin to know what you like and which angle you feel most comfortable in. I’ve been taking selfies for a while and I’ve realized that I prefer the right side of my face and I love how my collar bones pop when I tilt to the right. You need to discover the perfect angle that works for you when taking pictures.

Tip 4: Make a spin

I don’t mean a 360 spin though. Once you turn on your camera and focus on your face it’s advisable to keep tilting to different angles. This helps you discover which angle works for you as well as the lighting that works for the picture. Sometimes my right side doesn’t work for me so I spin my face as well as my body into different positions to find what works perfectly for that photo.

Tip 5: Focus your lens

After getting the right angle for your selfie, tap the screen to focus your lens. If you use an iPhone, tap and hold on where you want the focus of your lens to be on. AE lock would pop up on your screen after this has been done meaning the focus has been set. You can also adjust the lighting by scrolling up or down right beside the square shaped lock on your screen.

Tip 6: Strike a pose and relax

Whether you’re going for a fierce look or a silly photo, always remember to relax. You don’t want your picture looking like a struggle at any point. I always try to exhale before taking a picture, something like a sigh of relief maybe. Try to relax because it’s not even that deep. After exhaling, it’s time to snap away!!!

Tip 7: Filter it up if you like

When you finally have your perfect photo, feel free to add some filters if you like. I like to blur my backgrounds or change them to black and white. This makes me the main focus of the photo. Do whatever you like. It’s yours so own it.

Just in case I’ve left any tip out, please feel free to share in the comment section below. I’d also like to know if these tips helped you so let me know when you try them out. Gracias!

How to Get Over a Breakup (realistic version)

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*unleashing my alte doppelganger and bursting some slow whines*

Hey guys!

Happy New month! So I’ve been feeling very upbeat after my last post where I was opening up more about the toxic relationship. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here. I also left a little lesson there, who knows you might learn a thing or two from my mistakes. In the spirit of sharing, I’d be dishing out tips on how to get over a breakup. These are ways I know I tried and they worked for me even if there were failures here and there. It’s the season of love so I hope this helps you get over that heartbreak that feels like it’s going to kill you now. Btw, I’m super pumped and nervous about a shoot I’m planning with one of your favorite bloggers. Trust me to unleash some awkward poses on shoot day *tears*

PS: This is a lengthy post because I’m giving detailed descriptions to everything. Bear with me please.

Anyway, let’s get to the tips for the day (while you feed your eyes on my current favorite outdoor decor pins on pinterest);

STEP 1: Own up! 

The very first step to getting over a breakup is to own up to the fact that it’s over and done with. There’s no need thinking he/she is going to realize what they lost and come back crawling because the sad truth is that most of the time they don’t and even if they do it’s always too late. Stop checking your phone for that “I miss you text” or waiting for that mysterious call at midnight where they’d say “babe, I want you back” because you’d only keep hurting yourself more when that doesn’t happen. Quit asking their friends or relatives if they miss you or ever talk about you. Own up sweetie, that ship has sailed.

STEP 2: Delete, BLOCK, report.

This has to be my all time favorite. Even my friends keep saying “e no dey hard you to block person“. I really cannot tolerate any form of negative energy and if I know something isn’t adding value or keeps draining my energy then I’m absolutely done with it. You should try to adopt this same energy too because it helps. Delete their number(s) and unfollow them on social media (that’s if you feel you can’t block them. If after doing that they keep calling or trying to message you, please dear block them. If your ex is the crazy type to create new social media accounts to stalk you or message you, report them (but what kind of psychopath were you dating though?) This step is very essential because you have to get rid of all negative vibes and anything that reminds you of them. Yes, it’s that deep.

Note: Blocking them can be done for as long as you please. It could just be for a specific time frame where you need to clear your head and purge yourself of them or it could be forever.

STEP 3: Throw everything out.

You know how they flooded your phone with pictures of them? Well delete those pictures. Those texts you’re constantly scrolling through and thinking about the “good” times, delete them. It’s like taking the trash out of your life. Out with the old and in with the new. Those shirts you took from them, face caps, earphones, even playlists they created for you, throw them out. Trash them and don’t look back. There’s really no need hoarding things that would make you think about them and ruin your mood on a daily basis. Please dear, throw everything out.

STEP 4: Cry but no sad songs

I know listening to sad songs and crying about your situation after a break up seems like the perfect thing to do at the time but don’t do it. Quit listening to sad songs you think relate to your situation because it will only make you feel worse about yourself. It’s okay to cry it all out. Scream if you have to but get it out of your system. It’s advisable to sulk or cry about it. You can try suppressing those feelings but you’d still have to confront them one day and you may break down. So cry but wipe those tears and gather the strength to move on.

STEP 5: Time for a pep talk

After successfully completing Step 1 to 4, it’s time for some pep talk. I keep saying this, “Your greatest cheerleader is yourself”. No one would push you to accomplish goals the way you’d push yourself. So it’s time to talk yourself out of it. Pick up a mirror if you have to. Speak positive things to yourself and take out all that bad energy. Talk to your maker. Literally lay all your feelings down and let Him know. He’s always there to listen and comfort you(not trying to preach or anything, just truths). You can also talk to that best friend of yours. There’s no sadness a little hyping can’t cure, or maybe a lot of hyping if your best friend is as extra as mine.

STEP 6: Do what makes you happy

As cliche as this may sound, it’s the absolute truth. If you find joy splurging on clothes/gadgets or whatever, do it. If you find pleasure dancing, create a dance routine. If you like fashion, then take a look at your favorite fashion blogger’s Instagram and find outfit inspirations (make sure to tag them if you’re recreating looks). Do whatever makes you absolutely happy. Travel the world if your bank account isn’t crying like mine. Go out there and flourish. Make sure you find genuine happiness because that’s the mistake many often make.

STEP 7: Build a better you

Last and my favorite after Step 2, be that person you’ve always wanted to be. Relationships bring out the best and worst in people. You uncover a part of you that you probably never knew existed. Learn from whatever mistakes you’ve made and make a conscious effort to do better. Write those career goals down and nail them. Create that bucket list you’ve always wanted to and smash everything on it. Keep adding value and skills to yourself on a regular basis. Improve on yourself, a relationship doesn’t define you.

Okay, these are the few tips I have on how to get over a break up and I hope they help you. Send me a DM if you’ve tried these steps and they worked for you, or if you’re having any troubles.

Note: I only shared steps that I’ve applied and I know worked for me. Feel free to try out other ways to get over a breakup if these tips don’t seem to help. You can share more steps in the comment section in case I’ve missed any.


All pictures gotten from pinterest.


Man up!

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2am and I’m starving …

Hey my lovelies!

It’s been a minute, no? Lol bet it has. Happy new year!! (even though it’s the 31st of January *hot tears*). I’ve been procrastinating this post for the longest time but I’d blame it on life & laziness of course but who cares?

So you know how you talk to people, “friends”, about your problems and they give the worst advices or act nonchalant like it doesn’t matter and you’re forced to not share anything with anyone anymore? Well yeah, that’s the kind of situation I’m talking about today.

Thing is, I’ve shared some of my problems or would I say “challenges” with people and almost everytime I’ve received horrible responses. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I still share at all but talking about a challenge I’m battling with at a particular time is one of my coping mechanisms. I’m not the type of person who bottles things up. I try to express my feelings 98% of the time cause it helps soothe the pain, hurt or whatever the feeling is at the time.

I’ve actually received a lot of terrible responses, I’m beginning to question the kind of people I roll with *tears* Apart from responses like “you’ll be fine”, “las las you go dey alright”, “relax, you’re overreacting”, etc, I think the worst response I’ve ever received is

“Man up! People have it worse. Stop seeking for attention”

Before you think I’m being extra about this let’s look at the type of scenario it was used. Imagine going through a very serious crisis and you’re at the lowest point in your life. You decide to talk to your significant other about it. After writing epistles on WhatsApp, sending voice notes that could pass for an EP, the phone call that could last a lifetime, the buckets of tears that could fill an ocean, he/she listens through it all (in this case “he”). Right then he hits you with “Man up! People have it worse. Stop seeking for attention” LOL. The worst thing you could actually do to someone is to shut them up when they’re trying to talk about something they may be struggling with. This is one of the multiple reasons I walked out of that toxic relationship.

Please dears, do not downplay situations people may be going through just because you think you have it worse or others do. Yes, people have it worse but allow me whine about how just breathing in Lagos drains my bank account. Trust me, opening up to someone about your fears and insecurities is really difficult so stop downplaying people’s situations.

If you didn’t gain anything from this story just know this, it’s okay to share your problems but find that right person(s) to do it with. Most of the time you really need just that one cheerleader that’s constantly rooting for you and giving you a hand when you’re down.

I’m sure you’ve also had your experiences with people. I’d like to know the worst response you’ve gotten after sharing your problem with someone. I’m actually up for laughs because at the end of the day you’d look back and laugh about it cause you’d realize how much you’ve grown.

Let’s learn to TALK because depression is real.

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Brunch Date Style Tips

Hey ya! After battling with style options for the Cube Café shoot before finally settling for one, I’ve decided to give a few style tips on what to wear to brunch. If you’re planning a weekend brunch with your girl, friend, significant other or family then here are some quick style options for you.

N/B: You do not necessarily need to have every fashion piece on this post. However, you can work with anything similar in your wardrobe. So do not beat yourself up if you do not have all pieces. Fashion is about innovation so recreate the looks using similar pieces in your wardrobe to create your style. See this as an inspiration and don’t be scared to spice it up a little bit.

Okay now that that’s out of the way, let’s head on to the reason why you’re reading this. I’m sharing with you what Sarah Audu and I wore to brunch at Cube café a while back.

We both decided on a theme which was “Smart Casual”. I decided to go for something dressy and chic because I can be a little sometimes while Sarah went for a simple, classy yet casual look. I wore a wrap dress and a pair of strap mules which I recently got and has become one of my favourites. I went with the wrap dress because it gives this easy breezy vibe and if you know my style you’d know I love free, oversized clothes which suits my ever playful lifestyle. Of course it shows some skin here and there also. This look could also be styled as a date night or a daytime event outfit as well.

Sarah wore a denim wrap top on denim mom jeans with a red beret which served as a pop of colour and a black and white lace up espadrille flats. I’m really getting a hang of the beret trend and I love how she styled it effortlessly. If you’re going for a very chill yet classy outfit then this is definitely n option for you.

There are a wide variety of style options to go for when thinking brunch date outfit but I’d be sharing with you just a few more below.

  • Blazer Dress: This is one trend I’m a total sucker for because it’s really simple yet so stylish and chic and of course we get to showcase a bit of skin. Pair up a blazer dress with a simple belt, a detailed neckpiece and accessories with strap up sandals and you’re good to go. This can also serve as a date night outfit.

  • Layered Outfits: One thing people fail to realize is that with over-sized clothing there’s always room for layering. Put on a pair of culottes or palazzo pants, a peplum top or an over-sized top with frills and a pair of flat sandals or strap up heels as seen here. Viola, that’s an outfit option.
  • A Little Black Dress: If you’re running out of options on what to wear then just slip into that LBD and you’re good to go. Note this, no one can ever go wrong with a little black dress. Match up that LBD with a pair of nice heels and a clutch or be like me and pair them up with sneakers.

  • Neon coloured or Floral Print Dress: This is another great option for a weekend brunch. I mean I really love bright coloured pieces and I’m slow and steady beginning to include them in wardrobe. A nice floral dress or bright coloured dress is a great option for a brunch date.

These are a few style options to choose from when thinking brunch date outfits and I hope they were of help. Which of these outfits best suits your style and which would you go for? I’d also love to know what you think and your own outfit suggestions for a brunch date. Who knows we may just share the same taste. Your feedback is important to me so let me know what you think in the comment section below. Gracias amigos!

Photocredit: Victor Audu and Sarah Adu

Outfit details: 

Wrap Dress: Thrifted 

Shoes: Omodariola Purple Petals